Captured on an iPhone 4 using ClassicPAN; post processed with Painteresque, Blender, Iris on an iPad 2.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Second Attempt! Slide Show of Cuba iPhone images...

If anyone has any ideas how to make this work seamlessly, I'm happy to hear them. (note that if this doesn't work, the post will be taken down while I try, try again) Scroll down to the end for what I tried previously (epic FAIL). This time, I'm suggesting you click here to view the slide show of images. The first slide SHOULD be a slide outlining the itinerary but you may have to stop and start the slide show over again on your computer if you don't see that image first.

The images included in the slide show are a few that I've had time to process from my 9 day adventure in Cuba led by John Barclay and Tony Sweet. Our group consisted of our two leaders, 12 participants, a local guide and the bus driver. Lazaro (who answered all our questions and provided us with a lot of Cuban history, much of which was new to us) was our guide for MOST of the tour and was called away to another tour our last two days after which Libon was our guide. Unfortunately, because I contracted food poisoning from something I ate our next to last evening in Havana, it meant I mostly missed the entire last full day in Cuba as far as taking pictures and participating with the group activities. (I will be adding tutorials for image creation of some of these images at a later date so keep an eye out here if you want to know the process...)

My first attempt at getting a slide who to work after creating a Keynote presentation of iPhone images on my iPad failed (embedding the Quick Time movie I uploaded to my Picasa album)... SIGH... I obviously have a lot to learn to get things to work seamlessly. (the Keynote presentation I created on my iPad to start this process must have been too huge to transfer via email and with the latest release of iTunes, I have no clue how to find the copy of the Keynote presentation that I saved to iTunes; the Keynote presentation saved as PowerPoint was small enough to send myself via email after which I exported the PowerPoint presentation as a Quick Time movie which obviously didn't work so save yourself the trouble)