Captured on an iPhone 4 using ClassicPAN; post processed with Painteresque, Blender, Iris on an iPad 2.

Using A+ Signature to Sign an image...

Impression and A+ Signature are two apps that are routinely used by iPhone photographers. I personally prefer A+ Signature since it allows saving of a variety of different signature options which can then be used over and over again without too much trouble.

The left image shows the screen after bringing an image into A+ Signature; use the gear (next to Help on the lower left) to get to the Preferences screen. The first time you use A+ Signature, the default settings for Preferences have a GIANT SIGNATURE that is white text with a shadow in a text I personally would never use. If you set things up for your signature in a font, style, and color that you like, then you will have that setup as your starting point for all future signatures. I had already set a signature in gray with Zapfino text and no shadow.

click select text to allow delete/rotate
The text is difficult to see in the center of the image on the left. (when you click "Text" in the red bar below the image, the default signature text gets added in the middle of the image) Select this text to reveal an "X" in the upper left corner of the text bounding box and a tiny circle symbol surrounded by three directional arrows in the right, middle of the bounding box. The X allows one to delete text boxes entirely; grabbing on the circle surrounded by three arrows and dragging in a direction (up or down) will rotate the text.

change text color to whiteposition and size signature
Double-click the text box to allow editing; change the text color to white as shown in the color Attributes page and in the image on the right; the image on the right shows the text location and size after using two fingers to shrink or expand text size as required.

flower image signed
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