Captured on an iPhone 4 using ClassicPAN; post processed with Painteresque, Blender, Iris on an iPad 2.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

First post for iPhone Photography (iPhoneography) Blog...

As some of my other blog followers have noticed, I've become increasingly hooked on iPhone photography over the last few months. Rather than continue to intersperse iPhone posts along with dSLR posts (as seen on my photography blog) and travel posts (as seen on my vacation blog), I've decided to start another blog for just my iPhone images. I will be including how-to instructions with some of my posts as well as simply sharing images. Since I'm extremely busy these days, I won't promise to post regularly but do hope eventually to post at least once a week.

Having recently completed a four week course in iPhoneography with Teri Lou Dantzler, I am newly inspired to share some of my images from that class along with the path I took to arrive at the end result.

dark 1st image from Pro HDR
dark 2nd image from Pro HDR
dark 3rd image from Pro HDR
light 1st image from Pro HDR
light 2nd image from Pro HDR
light 3rd image from Pro HDR
The six images above were taken with the Pro HDR app mounted on a tripod and set for a 2 second delay to avoid camera shake. The six images were loaded into AutoStitch to stitch a panorama. However, I was only interested in part of the resultant panorama so the image was taken into Filterstorm (I think), cropped and straightened to achieve the image shown below.

billboard seen from High Line in NYC

From there, the image was taken into PerfectPhoto to sharpen it and then into PhotoStudioHD to apply the Vintage effect (saved at this step as image1); then the Ancient Canvas effect was applied and the image saved again (image2). Steps shown below...

Vintage effect in PhotoStudioHD
Ancient Canvas effect in PhotoStudioHD
Blender was used to blend image1 and image2 at 60% strength for image2; resultant image is image3 shown below.

image3 from blend as described

Steamy Window effect in PhotoStudioHD
Vignette effect in PhotoStudioHD
Then image3 was loaded back into PhotoStudioHD to apply Steamy Window 2 and Vignette 3 effects in that order. The image was saved at this point, then signed with Impression for version 1 shown below.

signed image as described above
I wasn't 100% happy with the end result at this point, so I loaded the unsigned image into Iris and framed it with Iris, Dust ‘n’ Scratches Grunge Frame 2 which was applied with mask to remove speckles in the image itself and then signed this version in Impression with the result shown below.

framed and signed image as described above
Title: Better Energy as seen through a steamy window in Manhattan


  1. Man alive, Victoria. That is a lot of work...but look at the result. And all with a phone!

    BTW, are you able to add the URL option to comments so that I can use my Shutterchance site for comments here? Is that possible?

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