Captured on an iPhone 4 using ClassicPAN; post processed with Painteresque, Blender, Iris on an iPad 2.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sunset, or not, from Point Reyes National Seashore...

I just got back from a marvelous workshop given by Teri Lou Dantzler and Harry Sandler in and around Napa, California. The workshop had both classroom and shooting teaching sessions. I learned so much... if I managed to retain one-fourth to half of what I think I learned, it will be marvelous! (you can find their schedule of workshops at The Last-Pixel Show as well as links to each of their blogs)

In the meantime, the original image for this "lesson" was taken with my iPhone using the SlowShutter camera app set for an 8-second exposure. The sky was pretty gray and the whole scene rather monotone so I put my sunglasses in front of the iPhone lens to add some color. The first image below is the original with no post-processing.

seascape in California
This image was brought into the Iris app on my iPad, cropped and then filters added as outlined below.

cropped and grunge added
The cropped image (to remove blown out sun in the top of the image) with the Grunge Frame 2 of Dust 'n' Scratches applied is shown above.
retro filter applied
The image immediately above shows the result of application of the Retro filter to the image above it.

Final post processed sunset image
It wasn't really sunset, but the magic of iPhone photography plus the hint Harry and Teri Lou gave me about using sunglasses in front of the lens makes this final image, signed using the Impression app, appear to be a gorgeous sunset. NOTE: The first and last images may be clicked to show full size images.


  1. What a great idea, using your sunglasses as a filter! I'm really excited... heading up to Pt. Reyes this weekend. Never been, not sure what to expect, but really hoping to come home with some good photos!! Thanks for your post.

  2. I'm still blown away by all this photographic wizzardry, Victoria. All power to you. :)

    HA! You still need to add the Name/URL option to your comments. :)

  3. YAY. You did it! Thanks, Victoria.


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