Captured on an iPhone 4 using ClassicPAN; post processed with Painteresque, Blender, Iris on an iPad 2.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Seattle Sunset post processing revealed

Apps used in this tutorial include some that have been already discussed in more detail on separate pages devoted to each of the apps. They will appear as links in the tutorial below.

A panorama image from 9 images shot with Bracket Mode (an HDR camera) where only the darker of each image pair was selected to merge in AutoStitch was used as the starting point. AutoPainter was used to apply the Benson effect to the panorama and the paint version was then blended (using Blender; tutorial) at 50% with the untreated panoramic image to give the image shown below which is where this tutorial starts.

panorama image starting point

Steps in brief (not all images are shown) follow:
  1. Apply the Lindale effect at reduced strength in PhotoStudioHD (tutorial).
  2. Apply the Vintage effect in PhotoStudioHD and save the image.
  3. Load the image into Wood Camera and apply Frame 5 to it and Save it. (Frame 5 adds bird silhouettes to an image; an excellent tutorial for Wood Camera is available elsewhere.
  4. Load the saved image into A+ Signature (tutorial), sign and save.

seattle sunset with Lindale and Vintage effects
Image with PhotoStudioHD Lindale and Vintage effects applied; PhotoStudio HD tutorial.

Image after applying Frame 5 in Wood Camera (tutorial elsewhere) and signing in A+ Signature (tutorial).

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  1. See what I mean? You're having so much fun with this, Victoria. Since I don't have an iPhone, and probably never will (?), I can only sit back and admire what you do. Well, I can also bow at your feet. :)


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